Why the name Thrive Outside? We create inspiring space for your events near cities surrounded by nature. Small oases to enjoy the essentials. Our locations give you access to a creative work environment, exclusive event space and space for your ideas.


Our vision is to create a network of Outside Locations, places where you can realize your own projects, participate in projects and getting in contact with like-minded.  Meet strangers, establish new connections and leave as friends. Cultivate connections with old acquaintances. Beyond the hustle and bustle of everyday life, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.


Sharing experiences: Experiences are all around us. Every human being is a collection of his experiences. Be curious, share your stories, learn from others, and grow beyond yourself.

Back to nature: Get out of everyday life. Pure in nature. Our locations offer you a mental balance through the power and tranquility of nature.

Connecting people: It is encounters that enrich life and conversations that inspire. We create opportunities to connect, to learn from and with each other.

Changing horizons: Change perspectives and broaden your horizons. Break away from everyday life and look at things from a different angle. We create space for thoughts and activities that enable you to change your perspective.