Retreat at Projekt Draussen

Meet, Play, and Laugh

A place 30 minutes south of the Munich Marienplatz, in the countryside in which you and your guests come together for a variety of occasions in beautiful surroundings in the middle of the Isar Valley. Your birthday, your exhibition or vernisage, your yoga weekend, your friend's meeting or summer party. Spend time together in absolute peace, laugh out loud, dive into ideas, devise new projects and enjoy the idyll of nature completely detached from everyday life. We are open to many ideas, talk to us and we support you in planning your project.


The space can be quickly transformed and adapted to the respective needs.

Number of people

Up to 50 

Floor area



Spcae for your birthday dinner, summer barbecue, friends gathering and hideaway in the forest.

Party and dancefloor, dinner, lounge and space to relax.

Number of people

Up to 18 seated on a dinner table, 24 on 3 tables

Floor area



Cozy room for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Lounge and dancefloor at night.

The kitchen is located in the middle of the house and adjoins the corridor to the large and small room. It is equipped with a 3.40 m long stainless steel kitchen with 2 gas and 4 Cerankochfeldern, a wood stove for traditional food for cooking and warming and an old freezer converted into a tea and spice storage. A fridge and ice cabinet, pots, cutting boards and utensils are provided for a team cooking. A private chef or a caterer with or without service provide here for your physical well-being. Similarly, everything can be organized in self-sufficiency.

Number of people


Floor area

18 m


A chef or caterer will take care of your physical well-being. Team cooking and self-catering is also possible with the existing kitchen utensils

Above the large room on the 1st floor is the open space with old timber frame directly under the roof. If required, up to 18 people can stay here. Equipped with benches, this room can also be used as a small home cinema, as a dining room or small theater.

Number of people

18 people in the sleep camp, up to 50 chairs in V form




Sleep area, lounge, video projector and movie night, theater, games room

Spend time with friends, think and discuss in the open air. Sockets hidden in tree stumps provide the necessary power, fresh air and the beautiful environment for relaxation and vision.

Number of people

24 seated

Floor area



Enjoying the absoult beauty of the forest around. Prepare food on the large gas grill, take time out and watch the sunday right infront of you.

Another 140m2 area for a long table or several tables right by the stream. When it rains, the whole area can be covered with a tent or tarpaulin. Again, there are outdoor sockets for light, sound and catering.

Number of people

up to 80

Floor area



A long table for up to 50 people directly under the tree canopy. Bar tables, lively conversations and hours together

Located in front of the house between a stream and a clearing, the lounge is a place to be, enjoy, engage in discussions and think in the open air. Surrounded by lush nature, with a view of the beautiful mixed forest, the distance to everyday life becomes more conscious than ever and creativity bubbles up like never before. The place to enjoy an evening in the open air with friends, acquaintances and new friends, to form ideas and simply be together.

Number of people


Floor area




A campfire to end the day, campfire bread, a cast-iron pot over the fire, simmering a delicious soup ...

The wooden hut is on the way between the main house and the forest clearing. Previously, the wooden hut served as a lumberyard. Now it is being converted into a small alpine hut. In addition to seating on the south-facing terrace is a cozy lounge with corner bench, table and stove, and another small west-facing terrace behind the wooden hut, aligned towards the clearing. Right next to the small wooden hut is the clearing. In the circular shelter of large Beeches, about 100 people can arrange seating as desired at handcrafted tables and benches.

Number of people

up to 120 

Floor area



A private beer garden, a band with live music, an open-air cinema in the woods, archery, boules with the grandparents, a slackline over 10 meters between the firs and beeches .... Plenty of space to enjoy being outdoors

Bookable services

The following bookable services can be booked and provided according to your request:

  • Catering (Details)

    Over the years we have got to know various caterings. Classic, organic, buffet or catering via food trucks. Fresh fish from the Aumühle, grilled meat from one of the nearby organic farms, vegetables and bread from one of the local shops and bakers. A chef on the spot. Much is possible, the design completely free. You can also hire a caterer of your choice or prepare food in our kitchen. Individual, according to taste. Our beverage selection can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Decorator (Details)


    Decoration according to the desired emotion. Whether team event, company anniversary, birthday or wedding party. Our decorators transform your event into an unforgettable experience world for you and your guests. A glittering party with your loved ones, an elegant party for business partners or a cozy get-together in the midst of nature for every occasion and demand.

  • DJs
  • Event equipment (Details)

    You want to give your event an individual charm. We take car of renting furniture, e.g. Bar stools, chairs, tables, bar tables, lounge cubes, plants, cutlery, crockery, plates, kitchen equipment or even tents. Depending on the occasion and your idea, we will organize the hiring and logistics for you or put you directly in contact with one of our partners. Creating a unique atmosphere according to your imagination.

  • Photographer (Details)

    To remember the beautiful moments, genuine and authentic. We provide you with familiar photographers whom we believe make amazing pictures.

  • Hotels (Details)

    In 5-15 driving minutes away there is a monastery hotel, a country inn an upscale Italian with guest rooms or even the cozy hotel of a Dutch couple, to name a few. For every need and budget a variant. In addition to our 18 beds in the warehouse and 2 double rooms, we recommend the right accommodation. A shuttle for all routes can also be booked. Just ask us.

  • Staff (Details)


    Essential, helping hands at your catering, at the bar, in the kitchen, before, during and after your event. A well established team familiar with our houses and their infrastructure are at your disposal. Enjoy your day, your staff takes care.

  • Event management & planning (Details)

    Book an event management for the thoughtful and carefree planning and execution of your event. A contact person who answers questions and takes care of organizaton before and during your event.

Projekt Draussen

Schindergraben 1

The House is located 35 min drive form the centre of Munich. Public transport will bring u to the closest village in 36 min. Step into the S7 at Marienplatz, stept out at Ebenhausen- Schäftlarn. From the stop Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn it is a 40 minute walk across the Isar Valley. By bike it is Isar - upwards, depending on condition it will take 1 - 2 hours starting at Reichenbach bridge in Munich. A beautiful ride alongside the Isar.