Wedding at Projekt Draussen

Meet, Pray, and Love

Just outside the gates of Munich and yet far from the noisy urban centre, surrounded by a mixed forest, elder trees and a stream, the more than 100-year-old wooden house from 1912 - is located in the mids of this idyllic landscape. A place with a unique ambience for your wedding celebration.

A 230m2 house featuring a southwest terrace, a high bank alongside the stream fitting a 20m long table and a gorgeous natural outdoor area with a total of 4000m2 providing shelter for beautiful trees, a wooden hut and fireplaces.. Hidden in a side valley of the Isar Valley, it is a perfect place for your wedding celebration offeing space for up to 74 people inside and up to 100 people in the outdoor area. Whatever you need for your event - we'll ensure a smooth flow and organize catering, photographers, shuttle, drinks or music, making your event unique, personalized and a complete success.

Look forward to a special day and enjoy the charm of the house and surrounding, which quickly makes you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


This room is the largest space in the house. At a set dinner, up to 56 people can sit at tables. The room can be set up according to your wishes. Beer bank sets for inside and outside is on site. Together with our partners, you can design, decorate and transform the space the way you want it on your special day. There is also space for your DJ, a bar and buffet, dancing and games, speeches and singing.

Number of people

Up to 50 people, U shape seating easy up to 24 people

Floor area

65 m2


Dinner, dancefloor, space for dj & band.

The fireplace room is perfect for smaller groups. Like all rooms in the house, the small room is versatile and serves as a breakfast room, buffet under the day or dancefloor in the evening. During larger events, up to 24 people can sit at tables. At weddings it serves as an adjoining room in addition to the large room. The heart of the house, the large wood-burning stove, is also fired from here.

Number of people

Up to 16 people at one table or 24 at 3 tables

Floor area

28 m2


Next to the large room, additional dining tables, dance floor at night, lounge area and buffet.

The kitchen is located in the middle of the house and adjoins the corridor to the large and small room. It is equipped with a 3.40 m long stainless steel kitchen with 2 gas and 4 ceramic hobs, a wood stove for traditional people for cooking and warming and an old freezer converted into a tea and spice storage. For more demanding chefs a convector oven can be set up. The hand formed chimney of the old stove brings charm into the room through its shape. One adjoining room is equipped with a large refrigerator and an equally large freezer in addition to the necessary utensils for cooking. In the second adjoining room, a small vault cut into the stone of the Isar valley, an ancient always well-filled wine cage is serving as storage for a selection of wines. All sorts of drinks from Beer, to Schnaps and Non alcoholics are ready to be serve to your guests throughout your event.

Number of people


Floor area

18 m2


Hochzeiten, Teamkochen und Incentive Veranstaltungen als Beispiel.

Above the large room on the 1st floor is a room with old trusses directly under the roof. If required, up to 18 people can stay here. Equipped with benches, this room can also be used for a free wedding ceremony or a small theater.

Number of people

18 to sleep, up to 50 seats in V form

Floor area

60 m2


Sleep area, lounge, wedding ceremony or small theater.

The terrace is equipped with a mobile outdoor bar, a large gas grill and beautiful sunsets. Surrounded by nature, you can organize a meal together on a long table or spend time at bar tables with changing interlocutors.

Number of people

24 on chairs

Floor area

40 m2


Weddings, incentive events, outdoor kitchen and bar.

The idyllic high shore is located between the house and a 5 m lower lying stream. Surrounded by ash trees, elder and beech trees and the soft rush of water in the background, it offers space for tables for up to 80 people. It is a beautifull place, dining, sharing wonderful evenings with family, friends and acquaintances. A large dining table can accommodate up to 50 people.

Number of people

Up to 80

Floor area

130 m2


Eating under the tree canopy, live music in the open, a long table to exchange and enjoy

Located in front of the house between a stream and a clearing, the lounge is a place to be, enjoy, engage in discussions and think in the open air. Surrounded by lush nature, with a view of the beautiful mixed forest, the distance to everyday life becomes more conscious than ever and creativity bubbles up like never before. The place to enjoy an evening in the open air with friends, acquaintances and new friends, to form ideas and simply be together.





Number of people


Floor area

25 m2


Weddings, meetings, workshops and teambuilding

The wooden hut is on the way between the main house and the forest clearing. Previously, the wooden hut served as a lumberyard. Now it is being converted into a small alpine hut. In addition to seating on the south-facing terrace there is a cozy lounge with corner bench, table and bar, and another small west-facing terrace behind the wooden hut, aligned towards the clearing.The clearing is right next to the hut.  on the clearing, in the circular shelter of the beeches, about 100 people can sit at our 11 beer bench sets.

Number of people

up to 120

Floor area

180 m2


A band, the wedding ceremony, a reception for the bridal couple, space for the celebrations ..

Bookable services


The following bookable services can be booked and provided according to your request:

  • Catering (Details)

    Over the years we have got to know various caterings. Classic, organic, buffet or catering via food trucks. Fresh fish from the Aumühle, grilled meat from one of the nearby organic farms, vegetables and bread from one of the local shops and bakers. A chef on the spot. Much is possible, the design completely free. You can also hire a caterer of your choice or prepare food in our kitchen. Individual, according to taste. Our beverage selection can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Chauffeur / Shuttle (Details)

    Do your guests travel from the airport in Munich? Your team is coming from the hotel in the morning or would like to relax in the evening? You would like to travel together and be picked up at a central location? In the late evening after the event, the car stays better? Our partners bring you from A to B punctually and comfortably.

  • Decorator (Details)


    Decoration according to the desired emotion. Whether team event, company anniversary, birthday or wedding party. Our decorators transform your event into an unforgettable experience world for you and your guests. A glittering party with your loved ones, an elegant party for business partners or a cozy get-together in the midst of nature for every occasion and demand.

  • DJs
  • Event equipment (Details)

    You want to give your event an individual charm. We take car of renting furniture, e.g. Bar stools, chairs, tables, bar tables, lounge cubes, plants, cutlery, crockery, plates, kitchen equipment or even tents. Depending on the occasion and your idea, we will organize the hiring and logistics for you or put you directly in contact with one of our partners. Creating a unique atmosphere according to your imagination.

  • Photographer (Details)

    To remember the beautiful moments, genuine and authentic. We provide you with familiar photographers whom we believe make amazing pictures.

  • Wedding planner (Details)

    The name already reveals it. Planning with passion, experience and network will help you to prepare your very special day.

  • Hotels (Details)

    In 5-15 driving minutes away there is a monastery hotel, a country inn an upscale Italian with guest rooms or even the cozy hotel of a Dutch couple, to name a few. For every need and budget a variant. In addition to our 18 beds in the warehouse and 2 double rooms, we recommend the right accommodation. A shuttle for all routes can also be booked. Just ask us.

  • Staff (Details)


    Essential, helping hands at your catering, at the bar, in the kitchen, before, during and after your event. A well established team familiar with our houses and their infrastructure are at your disposal. Enjoy your day, your staff takes care.

  • Event management & planning (Details)

    Book an event management for the thoughtful and carefree planning and execution of your event. A contact person who answers questions and takes care of organizaton before and during your event.

Projekt Draussen

Schindergraben 1

The House is located 35 min drive form the centre of Munich. Public transport will bring u to the closest village in 36 min. Step into the S7 at Marienplatz, stept out at Ebenhausen- Schäftlarn. From the stop Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn it is a 40 minute walk across the Isar Valley. By bike it is Isar - upwards, depending on condition it will take 1 - 2 hours starting at Reichenbach bridge in Munich. A beautiful ride alongside the Isar.