Who we are at Thrive Outside?

Katharina Blockinger

Katharina Blockinger I KB Eventorganisation


Love of craftsmanship, decoration and gastronomy.
8 years of experience in gastronomy and event realization make Katharina an all-round talent.

With heart and mind she plans and organizes events and accompanies the guests with a lot of charm.

E-Mail: katharina.blockinger@thrive-outside.de

Anjali Multani

Anjali Multani I Studio Amu

Graduate industrial designer

Anjali is our design and event expert, with hands-on mentality. Her experience as a self-employed person, as well as her network let her implement ideas in the shortest possible time. With great love and an eye for detail, she creates a tailor-made solution for every individual request. A lot of sensitivity to the customers guarantees successful projects.

E-Mail: info@thrive-outside.de

Alexander Heitkamp

Alexander Heitkamp I In.toThe Wild

Industrial clerk DB / FH at BMW

Alex is a full-time Creative Director. With his great passion for cooking, he also organizes exclusive dinner events called In.to the Wild. He is interested in the handling of nature and food and is always on the lookout for new products and interesting combinations or preparations.

E-Mail: info@thrive-outside.de

Ines Czaya

Ines Czaya I Feinkochwerk

Passionate Chef

Since childhood Ines accompanies the love for cooking. Here you can express your creativity. She likes to discover something new, everything that belongs to the process of cooking: looking for mushrooms in the forest, walking the market and visiting producers on their farms.
With joy and passion, she develops unusual cooking concepts and is a committed hostess.

E-Mail: ines.czaya@feinkochwerk.de

Virginia Scapinelli

Virginia Scapinelli I Thrive Outside

Architektin und MA European Business

Virginia Scapinelli is a licensed architect with an international professional experience across design, personal development and innovation consulting. 
In a fast moving world, her flair is to foster quality of life through connecting with nature, sharing with others and interacting with beautifully designed places.
Passionate about hosting, Virginia is happy if you are happy.

E-Mail: virginia.scapinelli@thrive-outside.de

Philipp Rupprecht

Philipp Rupprecht I Thrive Outside

MA European Business & MA International Management

Philipp is the founder of Thrive Outside and with passion and dedication, turns every vision into reality. He prefers to spend time in nature than just sitting at his desk, loves the adventure as well as the rest and gets inspired on his travels. Philipp's studies in Holland, England and Mexico have shaped his international thinking. Projects such as business, science and social affairs are as important to him as the cozy, individual atmosphere of every home and event. Every idea is refined to the last detail and implemented with foresight. At Thrive Outside, he brings together people of all abilities to work together to make new ideas a reality.

E-Mail: philipp.rupprecht@thrive-outside.de